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FEMJOY - The Art of Erotica
The word "teen" has gained a whole new meaning thanks to the adult world on the web. It used to be that a "teen" meant anyone from 13 - 19. Now, when it comes to looking at teens on the web, the word means anyone from 18 - ? that "looks" young. But of course with looking at "young" content on the web, you need to be careful to make sure you're not breaking any laws. That's why FEMJOY is a great place to enjoy "teen" content. All of the models were 18 years or older at the time of photographing, but we do have a number of models who are "teen" looking. But what's great about the FEMJOY teens, like the ones you see to the left, is that they aren't the kind of "teen" that makes you feel guilty or creepy or "wrong" for looking at them. This is for several reasons. First, FEMJOY's philosophy is very much about "respect for the model." We treat our models like the thoughtful, imaginative, respectable beings they are. Second, our teen models are doing things with their lives - they're students and artists and waitresses and women. Finally, FEMJOY's style of photography not only highlights what's "teenish" about our models, but also what's natural and beautiful about them in a universal a way that doesn't "fetishize" their youngness. So if you like "teen" content but don't like the creepy feeling some sites can give you, visit FEMJOY. FEMJOY's teens are young women, beautiful, smart, and respected.

So come to FEMJOY, and discover the difference that quality makes!

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